How To Use Data Pack Effectively

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I am one of the team member of I am a tech enthusiast guy who loves to write for technology, WordPress, SEO etc. I am not an expert but a learner who is trying his best to share the useful stuff with you.

Without internet smartphone is just a useless box and you know it very well. To install any app, checking emails, searching and almost all type of task needs internet and if you are not using any of these then don’t forget you need internet to use Facebook and WhatsApp. Most of users prefer unlimited packs but as you know nowadays it is very rare that you can get unlimited pack in reasonable rate.

Most of monthly packs carries 2 GB internet plan, it seems sufficient for normal user but this pack will surprisingly consumed in just half of month which is very disappointing. If you think that WhatsApp and Facebook like chatting apps consumes more data then you may be wrong because in smartphones there were many processes running in background which continuously consume your battery and data pack too, without giving you any prior notification. So to tackle this situation I am giving here some tips which show you how you can save lots of MB in your data pack.

How To Use Data Pack Effectively

#1 Apps Auto Update

Users generally install too many apps in their smartphone, however half of them are totally useless and I recommend you to first uninstall apps. Now as you know most of apps starts automatically update without any prior notification; which is the one of the biggest reason of rapidly data consumption. You can control these very easily.

  • Open Play Store > Settings > Turn off auto update

Now don’t avoid these setting completely, whenever you found WiFi network update your all apps to access latest features.

#2 Track Your Data Continuously

Had you ever faced such a situation when your main balance deducted while using internet. This generally happens when your data pack ends. Now it is difficult to check data continuously. Android has a great solution for this. You can set your data limit on days or monthly basis. When your limit has reached it will automatically turn off your data connection.

Settings > Data usage

#3 Unnecessary Notifications

Smartphone let us do multitasking, which is one of the most powerful feature what sometimes we use this feature in wrong way. We generally minimize the apps without closing it properly. This type of practices really affect your data as well as battery also. When you open any app and minimize it then it will continuously consume your data and battery. My recommendation is if you are not using apps like Gmail, Google+ like apps which are default and also need 24×7 data connection then close it completely and open when you really want it. Here how you can force stop any app.

Settings > Apps > Choose app > Force Stop

#4 Background Data

As above mentioned however you closed the app still there are many apps which continuously consume your data so you will get latest notifications. This is good feature but why to spend data on unnecessary notifications. To stop background data process follow below steps.

Settings > Data usage > click on three dots (upper right side) > Select Restrict background data

#5 Use Wisely 2G and 3G Pack

No doubt 3G speed is better but because of high speed we generally use it unnecessary. Our most of apps like WhatsApp, Faccebook etc. are easily run on 2G network. Video streaming apps like YouTube needs 3G connection so choose your data connection according to your preference, means use 3G data when you want to watch videos and other things which need high data speed.

#6 Auto Download in WhatsApp

By default auto downloading option is on in Whatsapp. It will not irritate the user until and unless he or she is added to a group. I said this because whenever we are added to any group then lots of images and videos are queue in row to download which uses our data unnecessary. You can control this thing.

Open WhatsApp > Settings > Chat settings > Media auto-download

May be most of tips seems useless but believe me above mentioned small things will save your lots of data. Follow above tips for two days and let me know if these tips really helped you out. If you have some more tips ons data saving then don’t hesitate to share with me.

I am one of the team member of I am a tech enthusiast guy who loves to write for technology, WordPress, SEO etc. I am not an expert but a learner who is trying his best to share the useful stuff with you.

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