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9 Top and Major Events of India: 2016

From all the terrorist attacks to demonetization, 2016 was a year full of major events. Aspiring candidates appearing for competitive exams in 2016, you have many news with you, best of luck (I’m one among them). Well leaving this apart, some were good news and many did upset the whole country. But all these news

Modi vs Kejriwal: Whom Do You Support?

If you are unbiased about both of them then surely you are agreeing on most of my thoughts. However many can completely disagree. Anyways below are my thoughts on Modi vs Kejriwal. So who is better amongst Modi and Kejriwal ? While asking this question one should be well aware about the fact that she

Modi’s Achhe Din – Reality or Hoax?

‘Abki bar Modi Sarkar‘, ‘Modi ji aayenge, achhe din layenge‘, these were some of the slogans as raised by the people of BJP and the followers of Modi Government before the elections for PM were conducted and Mr. Narendera Modi became the hon’ble Prime Minister of our country India. Every government and the politician put