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This is How Anyone Can Hack WhatsApp Account

How to hack WhatsApp account…. Sounds interesting.. isn’t? Well, it is possible with some tweaks but first, let me tell you that it is pure unethical and I am writing about hacking any WhatsApp account guide just for knowledge purpose. I am writing this because many of us think that it is impossible to hack

15 Cool USB OTG Cable Hacks

Nowadays most of the smartphones launched with USB OTG. But here I want to add one thing. Don’t you think that USB OTG is one of the most underrated features? Maybe most of you won’t agree with me on this but once you will read the cool USB OTG cable hacks you will change your

How to Disable Auto-play Videos on Facebook

Facebook keep enhancing its user interface some are heartily welcomed by users and some are not. One of such feature is auto-play videos which is one of the most irritating features of Facebook. People who are using limited data plan will agree with me on this. 😉 This feature is more like Instagram where videos