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How to Mirror Android Screen to PC

Nowadays most of smartphones comes with more than 5 inches screen but still most of people like me want to play games and watch movies on even bigger screen like in PC or laptop. Well for such purpose Android mirror feature will be useful for you. So today you will learn how to mirror Android

Android Chrome Hidden Secrets

Chrome is one of the fastest web browsers on the market. In Android it comes by default and the reason is simple, it’s a Google product. It is one of the bundle app comes with Android which you simply can’t hate. As you know that Chrome is simple and faster and itself it is a

Is Your Smartphone Not Functioning Properly?

We can’t imagine our life without smartphone. If there is something wrong with our smartphone it makes us more worried and it is a fact that we are worried more in comparison with our health issues. Now imagine a situation, you are checking your smartphone suddenly it doesn’t work properly. What will you do? May