Why iPhone 6s Plus is Better Than Samsung Galaxy Note 5

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Apple iPhone 6s comes in a two variants, other one is Apple iPhone 6s Plus. May be the first look of the smartphone fails to attract eyeballs because of the similar design. Inspite company is very confident about its new flagship smartphone.  If you are the one who thinks that there is nothing new in this smartphones then I must say that you need to read the features of Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. There are many hidden features which are comes under the hood.

Apple iPhone 6s direct competition is with Samsung Galaxy Note 5. If there is a question that which smartphone is better between Apple iPhone 6s Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Then surely you will think twice before giving your opinion. Here I am sharing the features of Apple iPhone 6s Plus which makes it better from Samsung Galaxy Note 5.


May be you have earlier planned to buy its previous version Apple iPhone 6 but somehow it is not liked by most of people because of its bending issue. Few day after launching of iPhone 6 many complaints were aired immediately that new iPhone bends in pocket. Company takes lesson from it and this time they came up with improved Aluminium casing. However it looks like its predecessor but still company makes you assure that the new iPhone 6s will not bending and also gives you a premium look.


Force Touch

Apple happily introduces its new feature called Force Touch which display as 3D Touch. This is a very unique feature which you can’t found in Galaxy Note 5. Don’t know how much users really like the feature but in my opinion this is one of the best feature introduce in new iPhone 6s. Force Touch lets you navigate around numbers of stuff just tapping on the display with various degree force.

Display Flash

Apple engineers did a fantastic job by implementing a front flash. While shooting a selfie the brightness goes by 3x times. Most of people criticize Apple that its camera power remains almost same in all iPhones generally 8 MP and 2 MP but it is notable that if you compare its picture quality with higher resolution Android smartphone cameras then you will see the difference yourself.

2x Faster Touch ID

Apple introduced a fingerprint lock or Touch ID last year. This year they came up with lots of improvisations. The new Touch ID is more faster, reliable and secure. This feature plays very important role when it comes to security whether its in device locking or making payments via Apple Pay.


Fast WiFi

If you love WiFi then this is a feature which really for you. Apple works on its networking components too. Apple iPhone 6s comes up with super-fast WiFi experience. The thing is the fast WiFi speed sounds on paper, it is interesting to feel if we really get what they have promised.

Improved GPU with iOS

The latest Apple iPhone 6s Plus gets the latest A9 chip which is integrated with improved and advance GPU. Its other version iPhone 6s also have the same GPU. A9 chip is more faster than Snapdragon 805. Because it comes with so much powerful chipset we are hoping that soon we will experience some phenomenal HD games.

Secure on the Outside with Ion-X Glass

For screen protection Samsung Galaxy Note 5 uses Corning Gorilla Glass 4 and for the same purpose Apple iPhone 6s screen is protected Ion-X Glass. If you think its an advance version of Sapphire Glass then you are wrong.  Instead it’s a new glass which according to Apple is one of the most strongest glass out there.

Improved Siri Integration

Siri is one of the most important feature of Apple. To compete Siri Google introduce Google Now. If you really want to know who is really smart Siri or Google Now then Siri is the best without a single thought. This time company integrate Siri into most of apps.


Apple always took care of safety that the reason why Apple products said to be secure gadgets. Because of advance security features many users think twice before buying Apple smartphones. There is no doubt that Apple smartphones comes with higher security. Android M security features are notable but there is no competition with Apple iOS security features.


Integrated with iOS 9

The last but not the least feature which insist you to buy Apple iPhone 6s Plus is iOS 9. Well the new smartphone will be ship with the latest version iOS and the new iOS version is simply the best.

I am one of the team member of AnswersHive.com. I am a tech enthusiast guy who loves to write for technology, WordPress, SEO etc. I am not an expert but a learner who is trying his best to share the useful stuff with you.

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