How to Self Examine Yourself for Breast Cancer

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Ananya is a final year student. Her hobbies are dancing, sketching, reading novels and likes writing. Last but not the least she considers herself best amongst the rest.

Breast cancer has become very common disease these days. Even this disease can be detected in the younger women these days. It is not that easy to identify breast cancer so it’s only remedy is to raise awareness among the ladies. And the best way to raise awareness is self examination of your own breasts. By examining yourself on a regular basis you can prevent yourself from this disease. This self-examination technique consist of five simple steps with the help of which the decrease the danger of breast cancer and prevent yourself from this deadly disease.

Let us look what are these five steps of self examination

#1 Deeply Observe Your Both Breasts in Front of the Mirror

How to Self Examine Yourself for Breast Cancer

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First you need to stand in front of a big mirror and uncover the upper half of your body. Second you need to stand straight and stiff and then straighten your shoulders. Now what you need to do next is to carefully observe both of your breasts and carefully check its color, shape and size. Don’t panic if you see an uneven size and shape that happens with most of the women. The matter of concern arises when you see a bulge on your skin, dimpling or puckering of skin. Next you need to check the position of your nipples or whether they have move inwards or there is a redness or any swelling, and if there is any then you must consult a good doctor.

#2 Raise Up Your Arms

Raise Up Your Arms

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In the next step that follows what you need to do is just raise your arms up while standing in front of the same mirror and look for the same changes that is mentioned in the above step. Yes you need to do this twice first while strengthening your shoulders and next while rising up your arms.

#3 Examine Your Nipples

After the second step to need to carefully examine both of your nipples because you need to check fluid sort of thing is peeping out or not this fluid can be in a watery form, milky form, yellow or blood stained form. If any of this occurs you need to be alert as this is the most alarming stage, because normally there is no such fluid oozing out.

#4 Feel Both of Your Breasts

After you observed the fluid, the next step that you need to follow is feel both of your breast with your hands one by one. For this you need to lie down on a couch. Feel your left breast with your right hand and vice versa. But there is a proper technique of how to feel, you need to keep the fingers flat and together and use the tips of first few fingers. The touch should be smooth as well as firm and the movement of your hand should remain in a circular manner that covers a small part of your breast at a time. You need to continue this pattern breast to cover your entire breast from collarbones to the tip of the abdomen and from cleavage to the armpits.

Feel Both of Your Breasts

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Starting from your nipples in smaller circular movement to larger circles to the outer part of the breast. You may move your hands up and down vertically in rows. You need to apply light pressure for the tissue under the skin and a medium pressure on the middle part of the breast and use a firm pressure when you reach near the ribcage. Apply this for both of the breasts.

#5 The Final Step

In the final step you need to do the same process for both of your breasts as mentioned above while sitting or in a standing posture. You may even do this while taking shower as many feel comfortable with wet and slippery texture of the skin. The women in thirties and forties, this is very necessary and a must process.

self breast exam what to feel for

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This process of self-examining should be done once in every month and after your periods are over so that you can prevent breast cancer as we know “prevention is better than cure” and whenever you observe any change or problem report it to a gynecologist as soon as possible.

I felt the need to make the ladies aware and hope this would help you. Hope you all liked this article of mine and would not forget to mention your suggestions below in the comment box.

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Ananya is a final year student. Her hobbies are dancing, sketching, reading novels and likes writing. Last but not the least she considers herself best amongst the rest.

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