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I am one of the team member of AnswersHive.com. I am a tech enthusiast guy who loves to write for technology, WordPress, SEO etc. I am not an expert but a learner who is trying his best to share the useful stuff with you.

Life is full of challenges & surprises.  Challenges are something which makes us stronger & wise but what about surprises well all of us love surprises whether its in a small packet or big one it always put a smile in our face. We can’t decide which surprise can come out in front of us but I promise that I will give you a new surprise every day. Keep checking this website to get knowledge bites. In my opinion a reader like you wants everyday a new stuff related with a technology, SEO, smartphones & other geeky things.

If you have a look on other categories in this website then may be you find almost same things but here in Off Bites I am trying to provide totally different topics which are not just helpful as well as knowledgeable. Its not like other contents in this website are useless but here you will get interesting stuff related to technology with a twist which I am sure you will definitely like.

Today I am going to share top 10 useful websites which can be useful in your daily life. They are lesser known & also it is a lesser chance that may be you’ve heard or use any of the listed website.

#1 Screenr

Record movies of your desktop, web pages, etc. & send them to YouTube directly.

Screenr lets to record everything which happens in your desktop. This can be very useful if you want to record any short tutorial. Another amazing thing is you can send your recording direct to YouTube. To use Screenr you haven’t to download any software. It’s a free service which you can run on Windows or Mac or even on smartphones.

May be you face encounter some error while launching recorder. Don’t worry nothing to think much about it, just update your Java version & run the application again. That’s it. You have to be just creative & rest of the things will do this web application. You can do many things with Screenr like reveal tricks which you know in a creative way, pro & cons of any product & lots of more.

#2 Bounceapp

Take screenshot of any webpage, add notes & share with your friends or enimies.

What will you do if you have to send a screenshot of any website with some notes on it then may be it could be lengthy procedure. Like taking screen shot edit it & so on. But I have a better suggestion for this task. You can use Bounceapp it is a free app which is very easy & simple to use. By its name may be many of you consider this web application an app which you should have to download but there is nothing like that. It is a simple online web application.

For taking screenshots with note just enter the URL of the website & click on Grab Screenshot button now it will be redirected to the entered URL page, select the part of the page by simply drag & add a note if you want & save it. A short URL appeared in the top right side corner which you can share with your friends. You have also option to upload your image from desktop also.

#3 Goo.gl 

One of the best URL shortner available in internet world.

If you are a blogger then I am sure you know about it but if you are a blogger & doesn’t use this website then I recommend to use this website to shorten your URL. Nobody like long URL, may be you are also one of them. There are multiple benefits of using goo.gl. First one is short URL are user friendly. If you have any social page of your website then avoid sharing lengthy URL.

This website allows you to detect how much click you have been generated with shorten URL. Every single click is counted which is very useful when we want to know how much traffic is coming from the shorten URL’s.

#4 Untiny.me

Helps you to reveal the real URL behind the shorten URL.

With Goo.gl you can shorten URL & obviously you know the real URL but what will you do when you want to know the shorten URL without visiting the site. Well Untiny helps you to detect the shorten URL’s real path. I feel this website is made just for fun because if any user want to know the shorten URL then he will simply click on URL go to the website & get the real URL. This website can be very handy in case you have lots of short URL & no time for visiting pages.

#5 Time Now

Gives you more than a TIME

Well don’t go with the name of the website. This is a website which not just give you a local time but it give you more than you think. Here you haven’t to enter any city, country etc. Just go to the website & it will automatically gives you local time, city, time of EST, CST, PST, GMT, UTC, temperature & many other things.

There are lots of things to discover in this website which I can’t describe here. Really  hundreds of stuff. Just go to the website & explore yourself.

#6 Copy Paste Character

Special characters out of your keyboard.

Want to add some special characters in your HTML or WordPress website? If yes then this website helps you to add lots of special character in your website. Special characters gives your website a new look which is beneficial for user engagement.

It is very simple to use. Just go to the website select your symbol & paste the special character wherever you want to paste. If your website doesn’t support the direct special character then switch the option & change it to As HTML & paste the code in your website.

#7 Topsy

Search engine for Twitter

When we have to find something then we Google for it but what will you do when you want a search result from Twitter like social networking platform. Well it is easy if it could be latest tweet but again if the tweet is too old or something more worse. Thanks to Topsy which is a search engine for Twitter. Just type your query or search term & it will come up with results.

This will not show you just result. You can explore things in every possible manner like you can search specific tweets if it is embedded with videos, photos, links & more.

#8 Facebook App

iOS apps outside iTunes

If you have an iOS device then every time you have to go to iTunes. If you are getting bored with this & looking for a new way to discover apps then this app helps you a lot. You can download iOS apps without launching iTunes. Give it a try now. Click on link & explore the apps. Hope this will give you a new experience.

#9 Icon Finder

Thousands of icons in all sizes.

This could be the best place for you if you love & want some unique icons. Here you can explore icons from over more than 450,000 icons. This website comes with a simple interface which reminds you most of Google. Just type the icon type you want & explore. You can choose from free to paid version. If you want lots of icon sets then I recommend that sign in & subscribe for unlimited plan so you haven’t to pay for extra. In this plan you can download unlimited icons in $29.

#10 MS Office

Online Microsoft Office

May be you neglect the online version of Microsoft Office because you are using offline version but I recommend that use the online version if you are working on any important topic because all data saved on drive so in case if you forget your laptop you can still access your data from anywhere. Most of you using Google Drive but I think it has less feature. You can check yourself & compare the both.

Hope you like the hidden gems you can find out more in next article. if you have some useful website list then don’t forget to share here.

I am one of the team member of AnswersHive.com. I am a tech enthusiast guy who loves to write for technology, WordPress, SEO etc. I am not an expert but a learner who is trying his best to share the useful stuff with you.

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