7 Reasons Why Dangal is Far Better Than Sultan?

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This has become a topic of debate for the fans of both the stars as well the general audiences, that which movie will be proved the best.

As both the movies are based on wrestling it will be very interesting to see that if Aamir Khan’s Dangal will beat Salman’s Sultan. Sultan has already won many of the hearts and it was clearly visible by its performance at the box office. Now we will see if Dangal will be able to beat Sultan at the box office.

Both of them are considered as one of the most popular actors of Bollywood it will be more enthralling for the critics as well as the viewers to see that whose movie is going to overpower the other.


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#1 Star Cast

When we look at the overall cast of Sultan, we got to see a strong couple of Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma in the movie that till date has a mark on their viewers. And we all are aware of the star power of Salman, and its effect is always seen in his movies.

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On the other hand when we see Dangal we only have Aamir with us and the other two main actresses are new and fresh. But it will be interesting to see whether they together will be able to beat the star cast of Sultan or not.

#2 Power of Wrestling

In both the movies the fight is to bring the gold medal in wrestling for the country; the difference is where on one hand in Sultan Salman showed his power in wrestling for himself there, on the other hand, Aamir in Dangal bragged his skills in wrestling.

Aamir is seen teaching the skills of wrestling to his two onscreen daughters and those skills are very well seen in Fatima and Sanya. Maybe in this Aamir’s Dangal may beat Salman’s Sultan.

#3 The Haryanvi Accent

Aamir astonished everyone with his Haryanvi accent in Dangal. His dialogue delivery is just awesome in the movie. It seems that Aamir basically belongs to Haryana and this shows his dedication.

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On the other hand, we all very well know what Salman did with Haryanvi.

#5 Director

Directors of both the movies are very talented where on one hand director of Sultan Ali Abbas Zafar has directed movies like meri brother ki dulhan and Gunday .

On the other hand director of Dangal Nitesh Tiwari has already won a national award in best children’s movie category for Chiller’s Party.

#6 Essence of Music

We still grove on the song baby KO bass pasand hai, jag ghoomya and the other songs of Sultan. The music directors of Sultan Vishal-Shekhar have kept a romantic angle. These songs are yet played in the parties.

On the other side Pritam has made good compositions like dhakad, hanikarak bapu but are not that powerful like Sultan ones. In this criteria Sultan may beat Dangal.

#7 Theme of The Movie

In Sultan, we saw Salman fighting for himself and the story was fictional on the other side the story of Dangal is a real life-based story and Aamir is seen motivating his onscreen daughters and is more real.

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Now we will just wait to see whether our predictions are going to be proved right or wrong. As a matter of fact, Sultan has already proved that it is the Sultan of all the movies released till now, the thing is that whether Aamir Dangal would show it’s Dangal at the box office or not. Till now the reviews are only good and it has received a rating of 4 stars by Hindustan Times and 4.5 stars by Times of India.

So now just hurry up and go and book your seats and enjoy Dangal.

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Ananya is a B.com final year student. Her hobbies are dancing, sketching, reading novels and likes writing. Last but not the least she considers herself best amongst the rest.

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