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How to Quickly Index Website in Google

In my previous WordPress guide I’ve told you how to setup your first WordPress website. Now it is not enough to just make your website live. You can’t tell everyone about your website. To tell the world about your website you need to index website in Google. Now what is this? Well search engines like

Most Essential WordPress Plugins

Plugins are boon for those who really don’t know coding. Earlier you’ve learned how to install WordPress using cPanel. It makes your website live within seconds but still you need to add some features which is not possible without coding but with the help of plugins you can make your website like a pro. Here

Where to Buy Domain Name and Hosting

Choosing the domain name and hosting is most crucial part when you are making a professional website. However you can give less importance to hosting plan because it can be upgraded or changed but don’t neglect the domain name. Once registered you can’t make any changes, yes you can change the domain name without losing

How to Make a Professional Website

Earlier in previous post I have mentioned that there are three ways to make a website first is by coding, second is taking help from websites like, or third one is manually make a website but without coding. Because this post is written for those who doesn’t familiar to coding but still want