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9 Top and Major Events of India: 2016

From all the terrorist attacks to demonetization, 2016 was a year full of major events. Aspiring candidates appearing for competitive exams in 2016, you have many news with you, best of luck (I’m one among them). Well leaving this apart, some were good news and many did upset the whole country. But all these news

Top 10 Most Vibrant Festivals of India

India- a country which his known for its art, culture, food diversified attires and most importantly known for its magnificent festivals, and that’s a reason why India is known as a country of festivals. The Indian festivals are the perfect blend of cultural diversities and unity. Each and every festival is is unique in its

Problems Faced by Book Lovers

  Problems, something without which the life seems so incomplete and unhappening. Problems are faced by all the livings and especially the human beings, then no matter what the age is as because the problems come to one’s life in all sizes. Problems aren’t just faced while performing the activities of day to day life

What is Love Jihad?

“And fight them until there is no more fitnah (disbelief or worshiping others besides Allah) and the religion will all be for Allah alone ( in a whole of the world ). But if they cease then certainly Allah is all-seer of what they do “Quran”. These translated lines from holy book “Quran”, itself tells

Places You Must Visit In India During Navratri

“Nav” denotes “nine” and “ratri” denotes “night”.  Navratri is a nine days long festive during which the people of India worship goddess Durga and her all nine forms. Each particular day is dedicated to her different every single form. And subsequently on the tenth day which is denoted as “Vijayadashmi” is celebrated by burning the

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