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How to Self Examine Yourself for Breast Cancer

Breast cancer has become very common disease these days. Even this disease can be detected in the younger women these days. It is not that easy to identify breast cancer so it’s only remedy is to raise awareness among the ladies. And the best way to raise awareness is self examination of your own breasts.

9 Top and Major Events of India: 2016

From all the terrorist attacks to demonetization, 2016 was a year full of major events. Aspiring candidates appearing for competitive exams in 2016, you have many news with you, best of luck (I’m one among them). Well leaving this apart, some were good news and many did upset the whole country. But all these news

Unexpected Bollywood Flops 2016

Well, the year 2016 has seen a lot of ups and downs …..Yes, Modi has contributed a lot in this so far, but as we talk about the Bollywood, here by God grace he hasn’t contributed. Well jokes apart, when we talk about Bollywood in 2016, there was a lot of expectations from some of

Places You Must Visit In India During Navratri

“Nav” denotes “nine” and “ratri” denotes “night”.  Navratri is a nine days long festive during which the people of India worship goddess Durga and her all nine forms. Each particular day is dedicated to her different every single form. And subsequently on the tenth day which is denoted as “Vijayadashmi” is celebrated by burning the